a wide assortment of lazers

One quick note before the post proper: turn UP the lows on that Quenum & Lee Van Dowski track below. There's a great deal that emerges-- subtle bass tones and some nice hidden percussive bits.

Idjut Boys are among those groups that can do no wrong, in my book. Everything I've heard is fun, funky and makes me want to dance 'til I'm beat. Along with their originals, their remixing capabilities are well-known, especially among the disco and beardo crowd.

The first track is a remix from the Idjut Boys' most recent 12" on Bear Funk, a label with quite a bunch of heavy hitters in the disco-house arena. (Check out the Lexx 12" from 2006). The original mix of "Laisn" falls more on the deep, soulful side of things, and Kalabrese takes this and tears it open. What is revealed is a dub-house world of delayed vocals, echoey synths, lazer-like high-pitched stabs, and Muddy Waters samples. It is, at times, a highly disorienting sound, but the conga-supplemented house beat always keeps the hallucinatory aspects from reaching too far into dub's dreamland. Very playful and very funky, this track is sure to please dancers as much as those chillers who like to sit on the side during sets with their eyes closed. So get to it.

Idjut Boys feat. Rune Lindbaek- Laisn (Kalabrese Remix)

The next Idjut Boys track is a bit older, but was re-pressed on vinyl again at the end of 2006 by Headinghome Recordings. "Smokin' Balls" is a floor-stomping disco house track. The bass-line gulps relentlessly and the superbly catchy rhythm guitar descends in a loop throughout, but the epic lead guitar samples move the track and lend it a sweet immediacy. Of course, there are bells, whistles, vocal snippets and loads of other delayed clicks & clacks here and there, so that there's no mistaking that the Idjut Boys are here to make you dance AND make you feel very high. Dudes are definitely smokin' something, right?

Idjut Boys- Smokin' Balls (Original Mix)

A mix and a new track in the next post!

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nice post - im a huge fan of the label