goin' home with you

So, a while back Brontez from Gravy Train!!! gave me a CD of his ga(y)rage project, The Younger Lovers. It is full of lovely gems of punky, gay garage hits, including one of the most catchy tunes of recent memory, "Sha-Boo-Bee." Totally tight, yeah? Yeah! He also sent me the past two issues of Fag School, which is his awesome porno punk zine that made me spit out out my 40 while I was reading because shit is so funny. And look at him in the picture above! What a fuckin' hot number! Get down with the two tracks below, then go out and find some ass to squeeze.

The Younger Lovers- Can I Come Over?

The Younger Lovers- Low Top Chucks And Skinny Jeans

Tomorrow, the top 15 singles of 2009, including mp3s!!

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