so so hot

Today, a piece from Ron Trent's highly recommended recent double CD offering, Dance Classic. "It's Hot" begins breezily enough with bright, lush synths, moans and intonations from Trent himself, and a fuzzed-out electro-inspired bass-line. As the track swings forward, some vocoder, hi-frequency secondary synths, and piano make appearances. In truth, the track becomes so full with different sonic elements that the listener is overwhelmed by the sheer amount of material, and its power to elicit some very real bodily ecstasy. Seriously- this might be one of the best things that Trent has ever put out, and given the breadth of the man's oeuvre, that is saying something. Turn it up loud and hallucinate 'cuz it's just that damn good! On the revitalized Prescription label.

Ron Trent- It's Hot

Tomorrow, thinking something from one of the group's performing at Sunday's San Francisco installment of the Upset the Rhythm showcase at the LAB.

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