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Dam Funk, the king of LA electro-boogie, has just released a new album of sexy, funky tracks titled Toeachizown Vol. One. On the venerable Stones Throw label, the record is a true gem, mixing LA boogie styles with 80s electro-rap vibes, plus a dash of Detroit electro-funk thrown in for good measure. "On & On" is slow grooving ride, replete with fuzzed-out bass, a sparkling main synth line, and some timely stabs and flourishes. Vocoded vocals add a nice lushness to the mix, and there you have it: a sensual piece of modern funk that is bound to get you all hot inside and out. Worth mentioning, too, is that Dam Funk is one hell of a great live DJ, and with his sets floating around the internet like wildfire, one has no excuse to not dig this man's vibes.

Dam Funk- On & On

Tomorrow, think I'm going to share something kinda weird and rather rare with you...so get ready.

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