the key of freedom

A couple days back, I was just cruising in North Philly, listening to WDAS, when 'Butter' started the Sunday-night dance party off with a James Brown track which was somewhat new to my ears-- a bit familiar, but nothing I could recall, which is saying something. My dad raised me on James Brown and Junior Walker, so when I'm confronted with a voice I know without knowing the song it's singing, I freak out.

And what good reason to freak out! "The Grunt," by the JB's, featuring James Brown on lead vocals, is a version of a well-loved classic, "Gonna Have a Funky Good Time (Doing it to Death)." But the version below is something else: more than twelve minutes of seriously DEEP funk grooves, with astounding sax work from Maceo Parker, a worming bass-line, some truly gorgeous slide guitar bits, and group vocals along with Brown's inimitable vocal stylings (and outpourings). "The Grunt" is truly one of those tracks that will stand the test of time: it was funky then, it sure as hell is funky now, and it'll still be funky in the future-- and it mixes well with some grooving deep house shit, too. Dig!

the JB's- The Grunt

Tomorrow, no posts because I'm in transit (back to CALI), but watch out for Saturday.


matt said...

Hey trees, I know you're down with Theo P and 3 Chairs, but I just wanted to point you to the 3 Chairs set from the 2007 DEMF at fullbozman here: http://www.fullbozman.com/3-chairs-live-at-demf-2007-05-28

Maybe you've already heard this, but if not go to about 36:40 and listen to what Theo (I assume) does to first JB's "Body Heat" (basically an even more warped and extended version of his "J.B.'s Edit") and then to this one you've posted today. He goes on for 17 minutes or so just busting your head wide open. It's incredible.

trees said...

that is pretty amazing, matt! thx for the heads up--highly rec'd to all deep movements readers!