everything changes

In brief: I entered a non-internet space for a while, for numerous reasons. Most viscerally, I am on the East Coast, and the internet connection I have is painfully sluggish, rendering any sort of browsing nearly useless. Secondly, in a more quotidian sense, I wanted to indulge in a lot of pleasure reading of books, and this has been of paramount importance to my sanity and my own work. Thirdly, since I actually did lose some major stuff from my computer after my hard-drive crash in December, I lost my faith in technology for a bit, and simply didn't want to have anything to do with my computer. Happens to the best of us!!

No matter, though, because the experience made me think quite a bit about the reasons behind why I write this blog, and I realized that I felt I'd lost some of the original intentions I had when I started it; like most intentions, these have changed, mostly in ways I find appropriate. However, I found myself wondering why I sometimes put up tracks simply because they fit a mold of what a 'techno/house' blog would put up. In a way, I felt like I'd lost a bit of my own musical interests in a whirlwind of sacrifice to keeping the music in a certain vein.

Thus, 'deep movements' will now reflect my wider sonic interests much more accurately-- more ambient, more jazz, more soul, more new classical, more of what I consider important and aesthetically pleasing or interesting about certain musics. Of course, the house, techno and disco jams will continue to come at you, as I'm still bobbing my head and shaking my ass. The proof is below-- a favorite track from Vince Watson, whom I still consider one of the most underrated DJs and producers of our times-- this is some truly underwater Detroit techno, astounding in its syncopations and slick synth pallette. Enjoy, and get ready for the funk!

Vince Watson- Everything Changes


matt said...

Looking forward to whatever the new year brings. It's always quality.

pipecock said...

variety is the spice of life as they say. i think that blogs showcasing a wide variety of music from the perspective of a house/techno listener is a really important concept. i feel like house and techno fans tend to be the MOST musically diverse people, even though there is a misconception that all we do is sit around listing to nothing but minimal techno 24/7 when that is so so so far from the truth!

trees said...

damn straight, pipecock. i wish i'd made it out to pgh, as i've been in philly for almost a month. school and the other coast call, though--

pipecock said...

you probably didn't miss much except some good disco/soul type digging. there hasnt been too much going down otherwise up in here, but be sure to let me know when youre around again!