For some reason, around fall, I get embroiled in serious dub-techno vibes in a way that doesn't happen during any other season. Ah, the mystery. But as a result, I've been digging through my records and have two new vinyl rips for you today!

First, we have the title track from Gez Varley's 2001 album on Force Inc., Bayou Paradis. "Bayou Paradis" is a BC-style techno track, rolling at a 128-bpm pace with deep kicks, an endlessly repeating bass-line, washed-out echoey chords with oft-changing levels, subtle backing drones that add a nice warmth, and hi-frequency watery whooshes. A real forgotten gem of minimal techno, this is perhaps Varley's best work-- most certainly better than anything he did in LFO. Highly recommended!

Gez Varley- Bayou Paradis

Next up, a track from the infamous Hallucinator. "Goldcoast" is a 135-bpm techno bit with whirling pseudo-vocal loops, chimes, deep kicks and hypnotic secondary percussion, and so many hi-frequency elements that the listener is lost in a sea of whooshes, subtle wave-like noises, sonar blips and so on. A killer from one of those Chain Reaction groups that deserves a LOT more love. Real tough shit!

Hallucinator- Goldcoast

Tomorrow, housin' in up.

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