heavy weather

Today, I give you a classic remix of Hardrive's "Deep Inside," done by "Little" Louie Vega himself. The Heavy Weather mix of "Deep Inside" is some prescient house music-- the bass-line is an echoey and weirdly arpeggiated monster that sounds as if it could be contemporary, and accompanied by deep kicks and the classic Barbara Tucker vocal sample, it is an astounding piece of dance music that is sure to get as many people on the floor now as it did in 1993. Highly recommended!

Hardrive- Deep Inside (Heavy Weather Mix)

Tomorrow, something to get you prepared for San Francisco's Love Parade!

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Anonymous said...

YES YES YES - this is one of the best ever house remixes from the old skool. I recently found out which mix it was by researching essentialmixes.net - Heller and Farley played it in 1993 on BBC radio 1. Please please please can the site admin contact me and give me a working link to the download - really need this track as it is loved more than any other track i have - and i have a lot of tracks! ta talk 2 frank @ bt open world.com