two days later

Today, a track from the eagerly anticipated upcoming album from Damian Schwartz, Party Lovers. The track I'm offering up, "Dos dias despues," is a Chicago-flavored house track with excellent Latin percussion elements, crisp hi-hats, and a two-note main synth line that mutates throughout the track, providing much of the forward momentum. Buzzing saw-tooths come in washes here and there, and backing organ synths (occasionally reversed and heavily-delayed) provide some nice gurgles beneath the track's surface. An excellent piece of house that is sure to get much play in clubs this winter with its somewhat chilly exterior, it also has a wonderful creeping warmth that is irresistible. Finally, the delayed notes at the end are a brilliant way to finish up the track. Highly recommended stuff, on the label that Schwartz runs with Apnea's Alex Under, Net28.

Damian Schwartz- Dos dias despues

Tomorrow, some hot shit from D'Julz.