So, two tracks of newer tech-house for you today, since I was so zonked out on Vicodin yesterday that I fell asleep instead of posting!

First off is an underrated 2007 piece from D'Julz, whose star has been rising, with recent appearances on many mixes and some hot singles. The D3 mix of "Flick It" is a 127-bpm monster with one striking variance from the original-- a two-note lush, clean synth line rides under the deep kicks, minuscule hi-hats, and harmonizing bass-line. Along with some extra washes, squeaks, squelches and a fantastic break, I find this mix much more satisfying than the original, and a nice entre to more spacy techno sounds in a well-played set. Recommended!

DJulz- Flick It (D3 Mix)

Next up, the final track from the fantastic Lee Jones' new album, Electronic Frank. "MDMazing" is a trancy bit of techno with minor-chord synth swells, fantastic drum programming, a subtly powerful bass-line, and some secondary, hi-mid synth work that certainly brings a nice roll to mind. The similarities to Stephan Bodzin and Marc Romboy's collaborations are present, but the synths are slightly cleaner and the kicks are a bit lower in the mix. Perhaps I am so enamored of this track at the moment because its melancholy feel reflects the beginning of San Francisco's rainy season, but it is a great track nonethless. On Aus Music. (Note: you can download the whole album for free here, but I purchased it since I've always been a fan of Jones' productions, and recommend that you do the same).

Lee Jones- MDMazing

Tomorrow, something scary to ring in the holiday.

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Eric Miller said...

Diggin' on the Lee Jones track; will definitely have to pick up the album. Thanks for sharing!