Absence! Apologies are due-- a lot of work for school. Hope you're well.

Today, one of my favorite tracks of the past two years: "Traderoute" by Japan's Force of Nature. Though I've had the 12" of this track since it came out in 2006, it has finally been re-released on the newest compilation of the duo's material, Force of Nature III.

The piece is a 105-bpm balearic heaven, perfect for speeding up and down San Francisco's many hills in the late afternoon sun, or lazing by the beach and watching the breakers, or doing something-- it just has to involve motion, whether your own or the earth's. The track's movements come out at once: a hi-frequency melodic line accompanied by backing, washy harmonics begins immediately, accompanied by strong kicks. Slowly, an absolutely killer bass-line comes in, creating even more hypnotic harmonies and propelling the track throughout. Secondary percussion elements, backing synth washes, and even more hi-frequency stabs are present throughout the track-- it fucking GLIMMERS. Truly one of the most beautiful tracks of recent memory. Highly recommended!

Force of Nature- Traderoute

Tomorrow, some digitized disco for your enjoyment!

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