Today, a 2005 track from one of the best producers of the past few years, Stockholm's Tiger Stripes. The man has worked with Kerri Chandler, Dennis Ferrer and countless others, and his work ranges from Afrobeat-influenced club jams to more moody, soulful house, like the track I'm giving you today.

"Serenity" is most punctuated by some of the cleanest hi-hats I've ever heard-- they ride throughout the track in a truly hypnotic fashion. The kicks are well-padded and deep, a distorted, low bass punch is quite nice. Echoey mid-range synths in a minor key progression make up the main melodic line, only to eventually be joined by soaring strings that rival those of Julien Jabre at his height. Hi-frequency washes are used economically, and a break where the strings showcase their exquisite beauty is, quite honestly, the highlight of the track. At 126 bpm, one could rock this in a club, but for some reason it doesn't seem appropriate-- there's a private, inward feel about the track that makes it most perfect for closing one's eyes and escaping to somewhere else. On Ibadan. Highly recommended.

Tiger Stripes- Serenity

Tomorrow, think I'm going to give you some excellent reader submissions!

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