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Today, an excellent remix of Lindstrom by his countrymen, Mungolian Jet Set. No need for much of an introduction to either party here, though it is worth mentioning that Mungolian Jet Set have remixed everyone from Pizzy Yelliott to contemporary composer Nils Petter Molvaer-- the breadth of their work is proof of their greatness, in my opinion.

The MJS remix of "A Blast of Loser" is a thirteen-minute long, truly epic dance track that comes in at around 121 bpm. Lush synth harmonies begin the track, to be accompanied eventually by soft female vocals, an undulously percussive bass-line, and what sounds like a guitar effected to sound like a sitar. What could be considered the 'chorus' of the track is utterly catchy, with the female vocalist being shadowed by a distorted electric guitar. Perhaps the most interesting elements of the track, though, are the flourishes that MJS add-- snippets of flute, samples falling apart, backwards loops low in the mix, and jet noises are all par for the course. An excellent track for the summer months to come!

Lindstrom- A Blast of Loser (Mungolian Jet Set 9406 Remix)

Tomorrow, one of my favorite Kraftwerk tracks for the springtime!

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