As promised, today I present to you one of my favorite Kraftwerk tracks, taken from their 1973 album, Ralf und Florian. "Tanzmusik" is one of the beat-oriented tracks on an album that is largely beatless, and while the sound is of a primitive, Suicide-like drum machine, the kicks and cymbals here actually come from a preset on an electric organ's rhythm machine. With airy melodic lines, faraway-seeming voice drones, bells, and hand-claps, this is a truly blissful track-- it even reminds me of Animal Collective, at certain points. Not entirely man-machines yet, "Tanzmusik" is a prime example of Kraftwerk's early stylings.

Kraftwerk- Tanzmusik

Some good, old-fashioned acid house coming at you tomorrow.

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hgassel said...

if early kraftwerk was an ice cream flavor, it would be delicious