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If I'd had my pick, I would have given you a classic from Hallucinator today, but because my computer is still being fixed, I can't digitize any of my records for you. Instead, you get the ambient techno glitch of bvdub, a denizen of San Francisco whose productions fall right in with the ambient dub sounds found on the Modern Love label.

"A Quiet Vengeance" utilizes fantastically delayed harmonic synth swells to start, then a low-level glitch-breaks beat comes in, replete with wet handclaps and a spurting cymbals. As the track moves on, its grandiosity builds, with heavier kicks eventually punching in, and more active chord work swelling and swirling above the beat. In its last few minutes, brassy punctuating chords come into the mix much in the way trumpet would come into a typical dub track. Heady stuff-- gives me a bit of wanderlust. Originally on Styrax Records.

bvdub- A Quiet Vengeance

Tomorrow, a bit from Maurizio, I think.

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