All right, since my iPod has been inaccessible to me for the past day or so-- I left it at a friend's place-- I'm going to give you two soon-to-be-released tracks from two of Europe's finest producers.

First, there is "Maki," an excellently dubby techno number from Mobilee head Anja Schneider. Taken from her upcoming debut album, Beyond the Valley, "Maki" is probably the best track on the LP. Its delayed main guitar sample, ever-panning and echoey piano line, hi-frequency strings, and congas make it an irresistable track that would fit right in with something by Brendon Moeller. The rest of the album is equally impressive, and when it hits in May, I'd hurry out to get my hands on a copy.

Anja Schneider- Maki

Second off, I got my paws on Shonky's debut album, TimeZero, and it is phenomenal. Sexy, subtle, and banging, with much influence from menacing West Coast psychedelic house and the acid-drenched loops of Detroit. Carl Craig-style hypnotism can be found in many tracks, particularly "Galactica," one of the LP's stand-out tracks-- with a worming bass-line, spacy ascending melodic line, whale-like synth wails, and well-chosen vocal samples, the track is a prime slice of cosmic techno. On Dan Ghenacia's Freak'n'Chic imprint.

Shonky- Galactica

Both Shonky and Anja Schneider have dates set for the WMC this week, so if you're in Miami or heading down there soon, try to catch their sets-- guaranteed goodness! It is my first time away from the WMC in two years, so drink a drink for me on the beach, if you happen to be there.


][ said...

saw shonky a few weeks ago here in nyc...........really fresh and great,,,,,,,,,,,,,such a great swing to his bass just pulls you into his groove. cant wait to here the album.......
thanks for all the good music lately despite your tech problems, much appreciated

matt said...

Loving the Anja Schneider. Thanks for the heads-up.