rinse, repeat

Today's post may be a bit delayed. My computer is done for. Though I need a Mac in order to work with music software and whatnot, I am tempted at this point to just throw in the towel and buy a cheap PC. My old Dell laptop worked almost as well as the piece of garbage I am now in possession of.

Why will it take a while to post today? Here are the hoops: I need to install Senuti on a lab computer; get the two tracks I promised you off of my iPod (since they're relatively new, I hadn't backed them up on my external HD yet); put those tracks onto my external HD; then send them. Sounds like my afternoon is ruined, yeah? Yeah.


Steve said...

Jesus, and I've just been thinking of getting one. Looks like I have more research to do. Anyone know anything about Sony's?

trees said...

I mean, I'd still get a Mac over anything else, in reality. There are many more issues with PCs-- I just seem to be one of the unlucky ones who has a fucked-up Mac. Most people have little to no issues with their Macs-- in fact, I have friends who have had their Macs for more than five years with no complaints. Even a friend who had her iBook for more than SIX YEARS before it finally died. So, don't take my problems to heart when deciding future purchases.