beat you raw

Some readers might remember that back in mid-January, a friend of mine gave me his collection of hard UK acid, breaks and hip-hop records. One of the choicer picks from this bounty is a most unlikely record: Raw as Fuck's The Slammer/Theme from Raw, a side bit from the infamous UK breaks crew, Freestylers. Released in 2002, "Theme from Raw" might be one of the more slamming records I own: 138 bpm, a dirty-ass distorted bass-line, descending acid squelch lines, haunting backing synths, and a vocal sample that kills (and is totally amazing to mix with). Though breaks aren't usually my thing, the track below will please just about anyone with ears-- I guarantee it.

Raw as Fuck- Theme from Raw

Tomorrow, a rarely-heard track from Dominik Eulberg that sends chills up a crowd's spine. And after? New stuff from Europe-- no, really!

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Anonymous said...

God this takes me back! Nice pick!