My set opening for Boys Noize went down quite well, and I am sufficiently recovered to begin posting again. I would share the whole set with you, but because I've posted some of these tracks here before (and some of them are ubiquitous at this point), I'm going to give you a list.

1. Kerri Chandler- Dat Da Da
2. The Unknown- Dancin Music
3. Francois K.- Road of Life (Quiet Village Sound Factory Dub)
4. Cajmere- Percolator (Keep Movin' Mix)
5. Dennis Ferrer- Son of Raw
6. Kerri Chandler- So Let the Wind Come (Tomo Edit)
7. Martin Buttrich- Full Clip
8. Raw as Fuck- Theme from Raw
9. Underground Resistance- Ambush
10. One Smith-Hall- Theme
11. Dominik Eulberg- Der Buchdrucker

I tried to keep it as slamming as I like it while attempting to appeal to the crowd, most of whom are more into new filter house stuff. Got a lot of great feedback, and another gig or two, as well-- might be doing a set before Kelley Polar in the spring!

For the next couple of posts, I'll be giving you some of the more notable tracks from the set that night. Today, "Ambush" by Underground Resistance, one of their less-heard but totally amazing tracks. With polyrhythmic African-style beats, lush backing synths, some good acid squelch, and a fucking great synthesized horn solo, "Ambush" is quite a gem. The crowd on Wednesday was pretty down with it, too-- got lots of whoops and hollers. Originally taken from UR-040, whose label reads:

"You've been waiting for your adventure vacation all year and now you're finally here headed up river and you're gonna have fun regardless of the poverty, corruption, political unrest, fragile ECO systems and reports of rebel forces in the area. After all it's your god given right to have fun all over the world wherever you please right? Suddenly your friendly native guides become uneasy. Their acutely tuned jungle senses tell them something is very wrong. All life seems to stop in its tracks, the silence is deafening, your heartbeat sounds in your ears, the boat is close to the bank. The beads and trinkets the travel agency told you to give the natives for save passage won't work this time. You smile and try to take pictures of these ghosts in the forest to ease the tension but they remain in the underground silently reluctant of your 15 minute fame and pacifying technology. Finally they appear their war painted faces staring. Didn't the missionairies teach them this is wrong? You feel their power of their god thru their eyes, it's the jungle itself. One of the hostiles wears an old shirt, that reads 'UR unexploitable'. Your immanent destiny calls and as with all pollutants UR consumed by nature as she punishes her children who cannot dance to her drums."

Damn right. Here it is:

Underground Resistance- Ambush

Tomorrow, some fast techno-tinged breaks from Raw as Fuck.

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