you keep on blessing me

Because it's been delayed so long, I'm just going to forget that I ever wrote that I'd post that mix a while back. Instead, I'll post a newer mix I've been working on sometime later this week.

For now, though, a 1999 track from one of the kings of weird Detroit, Kenny Dixon Jr., aka Moodymann. Always bringing the out the roots of house in his sounds, one of the best examples is found in the track below, "The Thief That Stole My Sad Days." Based around various loops of preachers, church organ, piano, and a gorgeously earnest lead female vocal, the track has a power that can only be called holy. His own synth work and drum patterns are unobtrusive-- the kicks are well-padded but mixed somewhat low, for example-- but add a definite kick to the track. It is difficult to describe any further-- just know that Dixon knows what he is doing, and can teach anyone a thing or two about music history, black history AND how to jam out. Highly recommended, because even if you don't ever play it at a party, it is a great song to start the day.

Moodymann- The Thief That Stole My Sad Days

Tomorrow, a track by Teengirl Fantasy. After that? A Kraftwerk mash-up, a mix, and some other goodies. Sorry again for my sporadic posting this past week.


matt said...

Definitely one of my favorites from KDJ. He's an absolute master.

Confab said...

What an incredible song. And that freaky bit in the last 30secs, I was listening to it late last night and got a bit freaked out, it was a bit like Satan was coming or something!