life changes

Sorry I skipped two days, but that's been my longest break from the blog in over a month! That mix should be up later tonight or early tomorrow, most likely.

For now, though, a classic from Jeff Mills, whose supremely dry early squelch has been pleasing my ears a lot recently. "Changes of Life" is a classic from his first full album on the infamous Tresor label out of Berlin, and is based on pounding kicks, endlessly looped piano chords, and hi-hats so crisp that they ring in the ears long after the track is over. The hand-claps prove a great juxtaposition to the other elements of the track in that they may very well be the most stretched, wet claps I've ever heard.

Jeff Mills- Changes of Life

Tomorrow, that mix and a Moodymann track that has been weaving through my brain consistently. And later in the week, a treat.

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