a white sand daydream

It is quite frigid here in the midwest, so in the interest of bringing warmer climes to mind, I'm posting a slow, lush, tropical remix of Alton Miller's "Tulum." The Koomba Project, consisting of Scott Ferguson and the incomparable Reggie Dokes, create a 114-bpm daydream of a track, with well-padded kicks, bright rolling synths, horn samples, and secondary percussive elements that bring the beach-- perhaps Tulum itself-- to mind. I can only dream about being in such a paradise at this point, but Alton Miller and the Koomba Project definitely make the dream that much easier to have. On the Detroit Beatdown Remixes Volume One compilation EP on Third Ear Recordings

Alton Miller- Tulum (Koomba Project Remix)

Tomorrow, a classic from Black Science Orchestra!

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Anonymous said...

Sublime piece of house music there as is Chandler's mix of'Make My Love'...that one bought some memories back. Great choices, quality blog. Here's to hoping that the BSO track is 'City of brotherly love' ;o)

P.S Check out a mix of mine if you have a spare hour or so: -