the jam

Today, I'm treating you to a great house track from Black Science Orchestra, who were mostly active in the mid- to late-90s. Though all their tracks are sickly good jazzy house, the first I ever heard of them was "Save Us (The Jam)," which appeared on the 1996 album, Walter's Room. Since it was this track that first turned me onto them, I thought I'd share it with you, though it is worth finding all of their releases.

"Save Us (The Jam)" is based on an excellent vocal/guitar loop, around which a very jazzy bass-line wanders. The 125-bpm kicks are nicely low in the mix, leaving room for rousing handclaps and crisp hi-hats to do their thing. Additionally, a synth that sounds strangely like the shenai, an aerophone used in classical Indian music, rides high over much of the track. Saxophone bleats and a refrain of people singing, "save us," enter into the track later on, along with xylophone, vibraphone and nice lush keyboards. A real classic with only one strike against it: it ends too soon!

Black Science Orchestra- Save Us (The Jam)

Next post, look forward to a Ron Hardy classic!


Harry said...



josh sense said...

hell yes. black science orchestra - new jersey deep is one of my all time jams

Anonymous said...

I'm with you there Josh..but the flip 'Philadelphia' is possibly the best house track ever. Along with 500 others lol!

caisa said...

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Check it out!