sharp central vision

One of the best and least heralded names in deep, dark dub-techno is Konstantinos Soublis, aka Fluxion, whose talents peaked in the late 90s with a smattering of releases on Basic Channel off-shoot, Chain Reaction. Fluxion's work ranges from hard-driving, dubby techno to ambient washes that would make B12 blush. Today's selection, "Fovea Centralis," is very much in the first camp-- 133 bpm kicks with crisp hi-hats and dubby washes of chords that slowly build until the feeling of being underwater (or flying above the cloudline) is impossible to escape. Though Soublis has not released any records recently, we are lucky to have such a large back catalog to enjoy-- especially recommended are the second two 12"s, and the Bipolar Defect album. (Special note: I finally got a bit-rate converter, so everything I post now, even from my own vinyl collection, will be between 192 and 320 kbps).

Fluxion- Fovea Centralis

Next up is a special treat from the DFA that has been causing quite a stir!

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