dark garden dance

Recently got a copy of Dan Ghenacia's latest record on his own Freak n' Chic label, and it has been worming its way into my brain since. With accolades from Laurent Garnier, Satoshi Tomiee and Matthias Tanzmann, the Garden EP is sure to be heard on dancefloors this winter and spring. The title track is a 126 bpm monster, with pads that bring Adam Beyer to mind, lovely background sounds/washes, disco laser punctuations, and a mesmerizingly dark main melodic line that is sure to bring late-night crowds to that next level. Additionally, the bass-line is a tricky little thing, changing slightly when one least expects it. Ghenacia is definitely at the top of his game, and it's no wonder he's one of the darlings of the Paris techno scene.

Dan Ghenacia- Garden

Next up, a track from my impossibly large collection of Fluxion records.


leo said...

that picture is from the maya deren film "ritual in transfigured time". check it.

trees said...

i know! such a beautiful image.