come on

Another deep track from the mid-90's for you today. Abacus (aka Austin Bascom) has been an active producer since 1994, with releases on tons of different house labels, including Prescription, Peacefrog, and so on. The track below, "Come On," is a gem: essentially two lush synth-lines smooth their way throughout, with nice handclaps, pan-pipe like secondary synths, and stabby piano chords coming in to create an atmospheric deep house track that would fit in on a Defected mix today. Of course, the female vocals encouraging the listener to "COME ON" embellish the track further-- you wonder just where this lady wants to take you, but it doesn't matter, because it is sure to be a pleasant place. Moving at 123 bpm, "Come On" could be mixed into almost any deep house set with grace and aplomb.

Abacus- Come On

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