behind all the noise

I promised a surprise, and here it is: an excellent remix of 2raumwohnung's "Mir Kann Nichts Passieren." For those unfamiliar with 2rw, they're a German electro-pop duo who've been releasing steadily since 2000. This year, though, it seems as though the minimal crowd finally caught onto the sound they're making, with two 12"s of remixes from the likes of Phonique, Moritz von Oswald and Thies Mynther & Tobi Neumann's Glove project. This last duo are the remixers we're dealing with today: Mynther & Neumann take a relatively innocuous but sweet electro-acoustic pop track and turn it into a 125 bpm monster, replete with writhing bass-lines, gorgeously-syncopated vocal samples, and an often light, airy feel that is missing from much of the tech-house of today. Inga Humpe's vocals are certainly what lends the track this sense, and along with some awesome filters and washes, the track is a real charmer-- while Moritz von Oswald's mix is a sexy, great exercise in the Basic Channel dub-techno that we all know and love, it is Glove's remix that stands out from the rest here.

2raumwohnung- Mir Kann Nichts Passieren (Glove Disco Remix)

Tomorrow, a jaunt into progressive house with Henrik B.'s remix of the Eric Prydz anthem, "Call On Me." Yeah, I know. I just can't resist.