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Sorry for the longish absence-- lots of work, concerts, and birthday celebrations (among them mine own) kept me a bit too busy to post for the past week. But today I have two treats for you, both with much style and flair.

The first is a really enchanting 2006 remix from Joakim. He takes a decades-old Antena track and turns it into a monstrously bass-bumping, rimshot-laden affair, with so many different synth lines and textures that his melodic and harmonic genius really shine through. At 120 BPM, it is banging and anthemic enough to bring people onto the dance floor, but subtle and flowing enough to make for great listening in almost any atmosphere. Hailed by many as one of the best remixes of 2006, its rhythmic complexity and harmonic beauty are sure to prick up one's ears, despite recent backlashes against the deep tech vibes that Joakim (among others) is most known for producing. On Permanant Vacation Recordings.

Antena- Camina del Sol (Joakim Remix)

Next up is a release from September, "The Last Shooter" by Ernesto Ferreyra, a native of Cordoba, Argentina. "The Last Shooter" is a wobbly-bassed lesson in minimal, with fantastic congas, dry wood-block hits, and other excellently phased secondary percussive flourishes that keep the track in a constant state of forward movement. The bass-line slowly becomes more and more defined as the track moves, eventually becoming almost acidy in its squelch. Hi-frequency alien hisses, in harmony with the bass-line, begin riding above the mix by the track's middle, and combined with occasional delayed vocal moments, the track is an unbeatably mesmerizing force. Ferreyra is certainly a producer to watch out for-- I wouldn't be surprised to see him on a bill with Ricardo sometime in the next year. On Mike Shannon's Cynosure label.

Ernesto Ferreyra- The Last Shooter

Next post, a focus on the family of record labels under the Basic Channel umbrella, so if you're dying for some Quadrant or Maurizio, come back soon!

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Daragh said...

That Antenna remix really is quite special, not only a remix of 2006 but one of the outstanding tracks of the year. Beautiful record.