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So, the plan of doing a special on the Basic Channel family has sort of been ruined by the people over here. Uh, posting almost entire catalogs of a certain record label is a bit questionable, I'd say, but there you have it.

Anyway, instead I'm going to give you a track from September by relative newcomer Jim Rivers. From Bristol, Rivers' tech-house sound is quite something-- it has a heavy Detroit vibe, but some very Bodzin-esque moments as well. His track "I Go Deep," available for free download over at Beatport, could even be compared to Aril Brikha's more relaxed moments of recent. From the same EP, "For My Need" is a 126 bpm banger with a killer vocal loop, bright and airy synth lines that become darkly squelchy ones, and a driving bass-line. The harmonies and background synth stabs are excellent, as are the hi-frequency squelches and cymbally washes. Finally, Rivers obviously has a real knack for creating perfect peaks and valleys-- there are more than one of each in "For My Need," making it a perfect track to play out to a crowd looking for more visceral techno. On Satoshi Tomiee's Saw Recordings.

Jim Rivers- For My Need

Next time, another Omar-S track that needs to be shared with the world, along with another treat.


COPY COPY said...

i have a new blog, http://triedhelping.blogspot.com/
check it out, link to it instead of old one. new mix i would like you to listen to let me know.

harry said...

this mix is amazing even with its abstract intro

][ said...

thanks for the rivers heads up, great stuff