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This post, we return to the newer side of techno, with a great minimal banger from 'newcomer' Marcel Fengler. Why the quotes around 'newcomer'? Well, Fengler's been working with Marcel Dettmann and is a regular at Berghain, so it's not as if his predilections aren't known-- it is simply that this is his first proper solo release.

"Playground" begins with a somewhat chunky, kick-driven beat and a dry, toy-piano like synth line that becomes wetter and more pronounced as the track builds, replete with congas, clave and woodblock hits, and hi-frequency washes of sound. By the time the 127 bpm track arrives at its apex, a harsher, buzz-saw like wash has settled over the undeniably hypnotic, tightly-constructed rhythmic structure that Fengler has built around the beginning synth line. A true peak-time crowd pleaser, expect to hear more great tunes from Fengler in the future. Or, if you get the chance, get your ass to Berghain-- he's spinning there nearly every weekend. On the shooting-star of a label, Ostgut Tontrager.

Marcel Fengler- Playground

Next time? Possibly a track from Tzadik's newest signing, my good friend Mario Diaz de Leon. Plus a new Loco Dice isht.


Steve said...

Apology accepted.

Anonymous said...

one of the toughest tracks i've heard in some time!!!