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First track of this post is culled from a record send to me by the elusive and wily lfam. By previously featured "Godson of Detroit," Omar-S, "Set it Out" is a low-level, soothing track more reminiscent of early Chicago house than Detroit techno, mostly because of the vocal samplings (from Midway's 1984 single, "Set it Out") and the softer synths displayed. Speaking of which, the mid-level synth line in the track is one of the most infectious melodic lines I've heard in a good while-- I find it hard not to hum it all day. Omar-S sells his records for incredibly low prices, and you should support him as one of the brightest 'newer' stars of Detroit, despite the fact that "Set it Out" appears on his first 12". Anyway, enjoy some more Omar-S.

Omar-S- Set it Out

Next up is a new Chicago juke joint from DJ Slugo, often referred to as the Ghetto Don, and considered one of the best ghettotech producers of our times. "Back Seat Hoe" doesn't really depart much from what one expects from a master of juke-- 150 bpm, filthy-yet-sexy lyrics repeated as mantras, and analog synth sounds that take one back to the late '80s in Detroit. While not altogether complicated, this is spectacular music to dance to, and I think that the genre's moon shall be waxing again within the year. Need some proof? Look at this:

Now that is some sick-ass dancing. God damn.

DJ Slugo- Back Seat Hoe

Next post, look forward to a newish minimal banger from Marcel Fengler and another treat. This time, it won't take me more than a week, I swear.

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matt said...

Two more nice ones. Omar-S has definitely been climbing up the ranks of my favorite producers. Thanks for another great post.