many happy returns

Finally, after an extended hiatus, Deep Movements is back for good (barring future hard-drive failures). Hope your time has been good-- mine certainly has been. But onto the music!

First track of the day is from Convextion, also known as Gerard Hanson. Though mysterious and not especially prolific, Hanson has made a name for himself as a producer with his roots in dark, brooding Detroit techno, with a sound most easily compared to Basic Channel or the releases from their Chain Reaction label. "Consumer Identity," from the Romantic Interface EP on AW Recordings, is a slow-burning track that begins with a soft-synth drone with hi-frequency melodic blips. When the beat comes in (and the synths begin some nice phasing), the track is almost jungle-like, with descending bass hits and proggy synths. Old school string stabs punctuate the track, and a string drone along with the requisite melodic bleeps end it. Sometimes reminiscent of Quadrant, but a bit less dry in its production, this newest bit from Convextion should only continue to convince the techno world of the purity and originality of Hanson's productions.

Convextion- Consumer Identity

No longer embarassed to admit my love for Stephan Bodzin's productions, I've been quite excited about the re-release of his "Superlicious," which originally came out in 2006 on Craft Music. Released under his Swoop moniker, "Superlicious" is a typical Bodzin production: low rumbling bass throughout, monumentally epic melodic synth lines, and a flair for peaks and valleys that is almost unparalleled. Though there is little complexity here, it doesn't matter: Bodzin's productions make dance-floors lose their minds, and at the end of the night, that's what really matters.

Swoop- Superlicious

Next post, look forward to a new Robert Babicz remix of Kolombo, the sickest new d'n'b from Teebee & Noisia, and a special treat.


matt said...

Great to have you back.

crystal said...

glad your back on

][ said...

nice to see the blog show back in action.
funny i was just doin an edit/mix of a live convextion show for the blog, the guys work is great