get into this drive

Never thought I'd be using an lol-cat as an image, but then again, I've never posted about the mid-80s Italo group named Doctor's Cat.

In some ways, there is very little to say about these two tracks-- they are simply among the most essential Italo-disco tracks ever released, with boundless energy (or should I say NRG?), fantastic synth hooks, great male/female vocal harmonies, and just enough cheese to make them wildly fun to dance to. Listen and I'm sure you'll agree.

Doctor's Cat- Feel the Drive

Doctor's Cat- Gee Wiz

Next time, look forward to a new Jichael Mackson track and a surprise. Also, sorry for the long period between posts-- I've been moving into a new apartment, and things have been a bit crazy. More frequent updates start today!


matt said...

"Feel the Drive" is a personal all time favorite. I don't believe I've heard "Gee Wiz" so I'm very much looking forward to it. Thanks for the always excellent posts.

COPY COPY said...

don't you wish matt could do this?

thanks for feel the drive i only have it on a mix and its mashd so this is nice

COPY COPY said...

i mean, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RuHeOHirKRc