The much-lauded and well-regarded Adam Beyer seems to be getting even better with age, if one of his newer efforts on his Mad Eye label is any indication. The China Girl EP is a striking slice of minimal techno, particularly the B-side, "Ask Yourself." Beginning with a tech-funk beat more reminiscent of Detroit than Sweden, the track quickly becomes a real well-padded banger, with excellent woodblock percussive bits in the background. A nice, dubby organ chord then begins to move with the track, and eventually, a new and heavily-distorted dub chord is added, allowing for comparisons to Basic Channel, or a more loudsome take on Brendon Moeller. With high-frequency squeals and distorted tones riding throughout, the track is a real ear-pleaser.

Adam Beyer- Ask Yourself (Original Mix)

Next time, look forward to two essential Italo tracks from Doctor's Cat.


Anonymous said...

nice, a basic channelish track, but that kick drum is awsomely compressed!

trees said...

yeah, that kick is really nicely compressed. well-padded.