a voyage into the sea

A few weeks back, I posted a track by Popnebo taken from the We Are Not Detroit, We Are Destroyed Volume One compilation on Balkon, which also contains some other great tracks. One of these is by a rising star from Croatia named Davor O., who has just released a six-track EP on the Zagreb-based Home Made Electronica label. The EP is wonderful amalgam of tech-house and minimal, with some lovely ambient moments thrown in for good measure-- it definitely is one of the better releases of 2007, in my opinion, and hopefully will garner some more recognition for Davor and the exploding Balkan techno scene.

The stand-out track on the EP is "Whales Making Love," a minimal number right at home alongside many of techno's recent summer hits. It bangs its way into the ear immediately, featuring excellent secondary percussive bits and restrained string stabs. The title of the track-- which is in some ways a bit regrettable, but funny-- comes from the high-freqeuncy, acidy squelches that become louder as the track continues. The bass roams throughout, but the moment of ecstatic release in the track comes when grandiose, near-aerophone sounding synths come in with a melodic line worthy of greeting royalty. Secondary synth bits in the mids, hisses and a head-swelling sense of whales fucking fill the rest of the track with abandon. Definitely a GREAT track to play in the late hours, techno fans all around will be able to really kick out the kinks with this monster.

Davor O- Whales Making Love

(By the way, this is a direct link, not a sendspace download).

Tomorrow, look forward to a chill new Detroit-styled joint from DJ Minx.

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