low-light softness

As promised, this post features a brand new track from Detroit's beautiful DJ Minx. "Lavender Lust" is ten minutes of loungey, deep house, and the first track on the Detroit Beatdown Volume Two EP on Third Ear Recordings. The track begins with an ascending two note synth-line, then the high-hats and kick come in. Shortly thereafter, a narcoleptically soft, soothing progression of sustained synth notes come in, followed by yet another, more clipped synth line. Eventually, all of the other synths fade into the background and all that remains is this latter line...then this fades, too, leaving only the bass and percussion...then only the kicks and hi-hats...and so on, until the track fades with the padded kicks. While certainly not a tune for dancing, it is certainly a tune for low-lighted, plush lounges, or a good slow cruise on a summer's day. Worth mentioning, too, that the rest of the EP is also quite wonderful, deep and techy through and through.

DJ Minx- Lavender Lust

The next post will have a choice newer track as well as a 1996 joint from Faze Action. Additionally, I have switched to yousendit from sendspace, so that tracks will only be up for one week or 100 downloads from now on. Sorry for the inconvenience, but YSI seems to work a bit faster for me, and also allows the tracks to be seen on the Hype Machine.

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