space saviour

Brendon Moeller has been reading from the Book of Basic Channel. He has mainly been focusing on the slow insertion of deep, dubby chords into minimal tech beats, and washes of hazy, spaced-out synth pans. Though he personally takes a more wet and funky-- nay, liberal-- approach than Basic Channel do, he is in agreement with the rhythmic intensity, bouncing bass and low rumblings of the Fathers. However, where Basic Channel sometimes seem to be transmitting hermetically from a deep well, Moeller is coming from a galaxy beyond our vision, satellites beaming his explorations of the other unknown to earth in crystalline sound; in using such a system, massive delay is a pleasant side-effect.

Moeller's most important treatise is here again, thanks to Third Ear Recordings. It is possibly one of the most astounding EPs of recent memory. Please do believe, not because I say so, but because "Saviour" tells you that you must.

Brendon Moeller- Saviour (Original Mix)

Two versions of "Percolator" and some ghetto-tech fun next post.

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