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So, as promised, here are two versions of the famous track by Cajmere, "Percolator." Also known as Green Velvet, the insanity and prolific output of Curtis Jones is well-documented elsewhere. It is certainly worth checking out the recent Cajmere vs. Green Velvet Mix CD on Ministry of Sound, if you get a chance-- it gives a pretty good introduction to Jones' aesthetic. All right, enough talk, get percolatin'.

Cajmere- Percolator (Keep Movin' Mix)

Cajmere- Percolator (Green Velvet Mix)

I first heard the "Percolator" while watching clips of Detroit's still talked-about "New Dance Show" on YouTube. Spawning from the 1980's show "The Scene," it showcased techno and house music dancing at its early stages in its home city.

You wish you could dance like this.

The first clip showcases party people on the catwalk doing their interpretations of "Percolator," and the second is just...well, one of the best clips on YouTube in its evocation of the club dancing experience. That and DJ Jesse the Body's mixing is fucking sick.

Next post will dish out a classy new Stephan Bodzin/Marc Romboy collaboration, a remix of Dubfire by Maurizio, and another new techno goodie. Check back!


Mathew said...

We're hitting the club and I'm rocking these moves.

Mathew said...
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DJ Colicky Boy said...

Any chance you could re-up these classic tracks? Thanks!