the gyration of muscle

At this point, it almost goes without saying that Quiet Village Project are among the premier remixers of the moment. They can take almost any track and make it into a monstrously deep, spacy trip into the outer reaches. It is not surprising, then, that their remix of "Spielplatz," by Mudd, is a sultry, cosmic extension of the original. Most of the original track's elements are brought in slowly, sometimes altered and sometimes not, until they all build into an ecstatic pitch that simply oozes sex. I Love Music regular 'Vahid' has said that the Quiet Village remixes CD proves that trip-hop is cool again, and while I wouldn't necessarily say that the "Spielplatz" remix is a stellar proof of his point, there is something about it that reminds me of some of Tricky's more downtempo tracks. Twice as long as the original, and guaranteed to make your night!

Mudd- Spielplatz (Quiet Village Deep Space Remix)

Next up is a track on a totally different tip. The intensely attractive Quentin Harris has quickly become one of the world's foremost urban and deep house DJs, what with collaborations with Ron Trent, remixes by Julien Jabre, and a steady DJing schedule that takes him from New York to London to Ibiza to Melbourne. The newly resurgent Strictly Rhythm label has just released a new record by Mr. Harris that is bound to be played all over in the coming months. "You Don't Know" has everything an amazing house track should have: fantastically plaintive vocals about love and loss, a deep and banging beat, killer hooks, string synths, and acid stabs here and there. In some ways, it might be my favorite house track of the year thus far, particularly in terms of its emotional impact and ability to be spun in a plethora of different DJing situations. There's a reason why Jabre's remix of Harris' "Let's Be Young" is one of the most played songs on my iTunes, and I have little doubt that "You Don't Know" will soon join its ranks.

Quentin Harris- You Don't Know (Big Room Mix)

All right, I know that I promised you a Popnebo track last post, but that minimal fun will have to wait until next post, which should be up tomorrow or Sunday. Check back often!

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