travelin' girlz

First off, tonight is another installment of an epic lineup featuring two of our favorite bands here; namely, Shannon and the Clams and Hunx and His Punkettes. It's a tour kick-off party, so check out their pages for dates (and thank yr lucky stars if yr gonna be in Austin for SXSW), and say hi (or do more) to them when they're in your town. QUEER ROCKNROLL MADNESS!

Shannon & the Clams- You Can Come Over

Next, as a send off (and an intimation of my jealousy of Shannon, Hunx and crew), here's a track from the AWESOME upcoming album from The Bitters, which will be released on Mexican Summer in April. Anyway, who wouldn't want to be a travelin' girl? Dangz.

The Bitters- Travelin' Girl


jr said...

the bitters record is pretty good!

kalan said...

hell yes lepore
did u c her?