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One of the most anticipated records of 2010 is the new slice from Pantha Du Prince, Black Noise. It continues in the direction taken on his accaimed 2007 record, This Bliss, but contains more glassy atmospherics and a more defined indebtedness to minimal classicists like Steve Reich. "Welt am Draht," which may or may not be a reference to the synonymous made-for-TV film made by the always-welcome Rainer Werner Fassbinder, is exemplary of what the album can do: hi- and mid-frequency melodies weave in and out of each other in lovely syncopations, warm synth and vocal washes provide spine-shivering ecstatic moments, and explicit, heavy kicks are eschewed in favor of propulsive prepared bells. Certainly an early contender for 2010's album of the year, this is perfect to jack up loud on snowy days while wistfully looking out at winter sunlight.

Pantha Du Prince- Welt am Draht

Faggin' it up tomorrow, maybe.

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