in the basement

Today, the first in a special mix series coming at you from deep movements associate DJ Leo. That's him above in my old co-op bedroom in Ohio. Ugh, that yarny blanket! So gross. But that room was killer.

Anyway, DJ Leo does a weekly radio show on WOBC called "In the Basement," and it is always a treat full of deep grooves from the crème de la crème of house, including many of my favorites from the Nu Groove catalog and some newer Euro joints. Last Thursday's show was particularly rolling (as I'm CERTAIN this week's episode will be), so we've decided to include some of his live radio mixes on the blog every once in a while. Check out the playlist and download the biz below— you won't be disappointed.

Pepe Bradock - Life
STL - Moonlight Reflections
Hunee - Rare Silk
Chicago Underground Council - 2 Days
Unknown Artist - b1 untitled (The Nature of Retribution, Prescription)
Liberty City - Some Lovin'
The Utopia Project - File #3
Noni - Be My (Friend)
Underground Solution - Luv Dancin
Melchior Productions - Everyone's A Winner
New York House 'n Authority - Park Avenue South
Abacus - Come On
Simply Red - Thrill Me (MAW Mix)

DJ Leo- In The Basement 2010-01-14

Tomorrow, surprize...


hughman said...

awesome. always loved that liberty city track. thanks!

Cz said...

Amazing track selection. Tell me, does Leo use turntables without pitch control?

trees said...

quite honestly, i believe he uses this old school computer program, the name of which i forget at the moment. it has a wonky pitch control feature. 'perfect,' streamlined mixes are fucking boring, anyway, and aren't what we're about here at deep movements.

(that said, i've been trying to encourage him to get on that new APC20 deal :)