caught with the meat in your mouth

I have a cold. I was supposed to go to New York tonight to see Salem play, but that isn't happening. However, I encourage any in the five boroughs to go to that show, and then party it up at West Nile (just down the street) with Teengirl Fantasy and loads of other awesome people afterwards. I will be in town for the Blondes/Teengirl Fantasy/Light Asylum show on Friday, so I'll see you there!

As my Facebook friends know, I've been all over these early-to-late-'90s issues of Cometbus that I bought in elementary and middle school, and just unearthed from years of detritus at my parents' house. What's weird is that as I've been reading them, my musical tastes (along the punk gamut) have been coinciding with bands mentioned in specific issues of Cometbus. So, Aaron tells one of the Kevin stories about The Dicks playing a show at Berkeley High (it got cancelled), and what do you know? I'd been listening to Kill from the Heart for two days straight. Or Aaron makes a reference to some dude saying, "Fuck you, do you know the Dead Boys?" And I'd been listening to "Sonic Reducer" on repeat for an hour earlier in the week.

As a sort of tribute to Cometbus, which is my favorite zine ever produced (and it continues, miraculously!), and to Aaron himself (though I doubt he'll read this), I'm posting a track from each of these fine punk bands. If you don't know them, you've been missing out, so get wild.

The Dead Boys- Caught With the Meat in Your Mouth

Gary Floyd lives! Check out the Queer Issue of MRR from a while back for an awesome piece by him about how the Dicks started in Austin.

The Dicks- Little Boys Feet

Tomorrow, something more house-bound.

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