...then we take new york

Okay, I had a headache yesterday. Fuck that! But today, I'm leaving the awful climes of Philly for the even more awful climes of New York City, though at least there are more than five awesome people living in the five boroughs. Philly is weird, like a ghost town. I know so few people here any longer that whenever I come to visit my parents, I spend most of my time reading and listening to punk rock in my bedroom. Guess things don't change much in ten years...

So, a jazzy, pseudo-house number for you, courtesy of Mandy. Just can't wait to get out of here for a few days!

Mandy- I Just Can't Wait (Cool & Breezy Jazz Version)

Have a good New Year's Eve, and be prepared for some soothing music for your hangover on the 1st!


hughman said...

OMG!! i can't believe you posted this song!! i bought the 12" of this when it came out and i lived in nyc years ago and have been searching for the mp3 forever!! i couldn't remember who sang it! thank you, thank you. this was a great new year's present. have a great holiday!

trees said...

oh, i'm so glad! yeah, this is one of those tracks that i found somewhere on the internet a while back and has been one of my guilty favorites ever since. love how breathy she sounds!

happy new year to you, too.

daniel said...

Hey I'm a little late catching up here, but this is a great song. Thanks.

On a side note, I have kind of an odd question...is Philly really that bad? I've been thinking about moving there from Oakland (which from reading your blog I guess you're familiar with). I know it's not some totally thriving metropolis, but I've been thinking about places that are both cosmopolitan and affordable and at this point it's pretty much down to Philly or Atlanta. Do you really think I should just go ahead and scratch Philly off the list?

trees said...

hey daniel, thanks for reading! also, if you ever get really behind and want something re-upped, i'm happy to do so.

anyway, Philly isn't that bad...if you're straight. the gay scene is terrible. but let's not focus on the bad things.

there are lots of great places to eat, drink, see bands of both unknown and internationally-known status, and the rents are really cheap. the dance music scene has been getting consistently better over the years, after some terrible times when i was still living in ohio. (also, there are some great people here! love the philly peeps i still know, and the new ones i occasionally meet).

that said, i've been infected with the west coast, and can't really see myself leaving for at least a few years. in addition, it is worth mentioning that the weather here is often fucking terrible from november til late may. i'm talking snow, bitter cold, bitter cold rain mixed with snow, hail-storms in early may, etc. etc. it really does suck.

otherwise, i like seeing this city kind of rank up again in the world. it does have a lot going for it, and a visit with someone who knows the place would help anyone decide....

daniel said...

Thanks for the prompt response! I guess I'll just have to check out Philly myself and see if I can get some locals to show me around.

trees said...

daniel, it might be good to check out R5 Productions' site. they've been doing shows in the area since around 95 or 96, and continue to do amazing stuff. here's a link:


i've met lots of great people at shows there in the past.