feels so good

Today, I'm going to dump some related and unrelated YouTube videos on you.

First, I've become obsessed with Baby Ford and Ian Loveday's Minimal Man project. Especially this track:

Sick, right? Everything that techno should be.

Next up are two tracks that mix gorgeously, so try to do that YouTube mixing thing that everyone's doing nowadays. Though a vinyl or Ableton mix would obviously be preferable...

Lastly, my girl Sade has a new album coming out in February. It has been ten years since Lovers Rock, and given the new album's cover art, the new record should be as totally fierce and amazing as one would expect. So here's my favorite old school Sade track for your pleasure...I have a friend who used to call me 'The Sweetest Taboo,' which is probably the most excellent nickname anyone has ever given me.

Tomorrow, some downloadable tracks for your pleasure.

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Antonio said...

Great taste in men and music! When can we meet? ;)

BTW it's all about the Soul Capsule remix of Treatment Feel! :)