ring in

Sorry it's been a while— I've been busy with the start of my second MFA year, and I've also been debating the ethical issues surrounding posts of mp3s that are culled from relatively new releases. After some inner debate, I've decided that I will continue to post old classics as well as newer tracks; however, in terms of the newer stuff, I must note that such posts are put up only in the service of getting the artists more exposure— I won't post anything that I don't believe should be bought and enjoyed in full.

Without further ado, here's a piece from Alland Byallo's latest, Brick By Brick. The album is a gorgeous collections of hypnotically deep, tribal techno that has fantastic presence and is sure to please fans of Fuckpony, Shonky, and many others. "Ring in the Dead" is the album's opening track, and really brings it with monstrous bass, a dubby delayed brass melodic line, some darkly panning vocals, and truly propulsive percussion with prominent congas and reversed splash cymbals. A great piece to begin a late-night set, Byallo is truly one of the jewels not only of the San Francisco techno scene, but the US scene in general. Highly recommended! On Byallo's own Nightlight imprint.

Alland Byallo- Ring in the Dead

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