house music is for fagz

Praise Mary! So, the Bay Area's very own Hunx & His Punx have been given the remix treatment from another queer, Nick of the amazing Teengirl Fantasy. Exactly how he turned a fun, trashy rock track like "Dontcha Want Me Back" into something Carl Cox could have produced is a mystery to me, but he managed to do it. The remix features bright, lush synths, bouncy pop-house bass, thrumming kicks, and those lovely major-key piano stabs that all queers seem to salivate over. Since the most astoundingly gay-pop, progressive house radio station in the City, if not the world, just switched formats a week ago, this track ought to keep our briefs hot and steamy until the hopeful reversal of said format switch. Though I admit that I've never been a regular listener of Energy 92.7, it is true that the station was a cornerstone of the LGBT world...all over the world, and it is a shame that such a unique radio phenomenon was usurped by yet another staid Top 40 station.

Hunx & His Punx- Dontcha Want Me Back (TEENGIRL FANTASY RIP NRG Mix)

Obviously, you should be listening to Teengirl Fantasy and Hunx & His Punx all the time, because they are two of the best groups around right now. AND both groups have upcoming albums on my friend Dean's True Panther label.

Finally, a last queer note: one of my favorite writers, Dennis Cooper, gave a shout-out to Deep Movements on his blog today. Check it out, along with some insane Halloween horror goodies.


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certified jam

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re-upped the mp3 for download @

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