Back in July, I wrote about how the boys of Teengirl Fantasy were playing a show with San Francisco's own Bookworms, and posted a track from the latter. Well, the show was excellent, and I've seen one more ofthe man's shows since then, and it was also excellent— in fact, both were slamming affairs, very beat-heavy and pleasing to the techno heads in the audience.

So when the latest EP from Bookworms on Solos arrived in my inbox, I was pleased, and for good reason: this is top-tier stuff. The original of "African Rhythms" is an epic, Detroit-style marathon run through wild polyrhythms, KDJ-like synths, and some echoey, disembodied vocal samples culled from Ganja & Hess. If Culoe de Song had grown up in Detroit and befriended Kyle Hall, his tracks only might sound as good as this... but I doubt it.

Bookworms- African Rhythms

As if the original wasn't awesome enough, the EP also comes with two remixes, one by Bookworms' close associate Fat Transfer and another by compatriot Yao a.k.a. Yaoser. The first is a softer, more washed take on the original piece, and the second is a stuttering, Theo Parrish-like number with some extra funk for your junk. Exciting sounds, my friends.

Bookworms- African Rhythms (Fat Transfer Remix)

Bookworms- African Rhythms (Yao Remix)

Tomorrow, some shimmerings...