gettin' down again

So, after a week of recovery, I'm back! Strep throat is one hell of pain— can't imagine how I managed to survive so many bouts with it as a child.

Anyway, today I'm bringing you a 2005 joint from Theo Parrish, whom I've been thinking about quite a bit since my attendance at a recent poetry reading by Peter Culley. It isn't often that I meet other poets who are into house and techno, so when Peter read his astounding piece, "House is a Feeling," I was heartened. (You can read that poem here and order his excellent book Hammertown here). After the reading, we ended up talking about Theo Parrish, Mr. Fingers and other old-school heads for a while. Peter, this one's for you.

"Capritarious #7" is a slo-mo deep house beat featuring some crystalline hi-hats, heavy kicks, and secondary percussive flourishes that really make for a funky good time. Paired with one of the wonkiest synth lines Parrish has ever come up with and hi-frequency string rides, the piece has an excellently dusty, epic feel. It really is ten minutes of deep house bliss! Highly recommended.

Theo Parrish- Capritarious #7

Tomorrow, a brand new flavor in your ear.

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THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!