Usually, I'm not too pleased when I read the Top 50 Charted Monthly Tracks over at Resident Advisor- usually, the best stuff is in the middle, or at the bottom, but occasionally, a fantastic track ends up somewhere in the top 5. In June, the number one charted track was Joris Voorn's "Sweep the Floor," a genuinely sick and slick piece of tech-house. Slowly emerging synth stabs, a bouncy bass-line, crisply syncopated percussive elements- the track has everything to make a dance floor explode and then some, what with the female vocal clips, a very MJ-esque 'woo' and apex-delivering male vocal samples. Voorn's work has been coming up a lot more recently in terms of my rated European tracks, and listening to "Sweep the Floor," it is pretty easy to see why. On Voorn's own label, Rejected.

Joris Voorn- Sweep the Floor

Tomorrow, thinking something a bit left-field...


Steve said...

These vocals, though, really ruin it for me. For the life of me I can't figure out where those "burning up vocals" are from originally, but they're really overused and add nothing new.

The rest of the beat reminds me of Reboot's "Hello Sweden" for Love Letters to Oslo, but with hi-hat front and center instead of hand percussion. I'm curious why you rate Joris above so many other European producers doing stuff like this.

trees said...

I guess I'm a sucker for the burning up sample, but yeah, you have a point: they're overused.

I rate Joris high mostly because his remix work is so damn good-- for example, the remix of Babicz's "Dark Flower" last year was one of the top remixes of the year, in my opinion.